An end to the Madness!

Posted on July 01, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

It all started way too early in the morning for me! When I started as a youth worker the idea was that my day never began before 12pm, oh how the mighty have fallen!

Lillie and I arrived bright and early to Luton airport to jump on a plane heading to Northern Ireland's biggest youth festival - Summer Madness. They had asked for to bring over the story telling tour. So unlucky for them (as some might say) they had Lillie and I there to share our stories, thoughts on the wonder of story telling and how we can use story in schools.

The seminar was good and we certainly enjoyed ourselves. We had a fantastic time meeting the Ireland Youth Link people, along with people who are leading schools work for Church of Ireland. We received amazing hospitality from the YWAM team and a great sense of togetherness from all involved.

We were then invited to 'Late and Live(ish)' to promote and later coaxed into the late night quiz hosted by Rev. Jools Hamilton. It was 13 minutes of fame and few blinding one liners to end a great day!