99 things for 16-19 year olds to do over the summer

Posted on July 11, 2016 by Lahna Pottle
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Hi it's Lahna here! In case you missed it, I have started my new role at Schoolswork as the 16-19s specialist. I'm excited to be creating and sharing resources here all focused on those working with 16-19 year olds.  I thought I would kick off my contribution to the blog with "99 things for 16-19s to do over the summer". 

Summer holidays are great, but they can also be long and sometimes a little boring. So without further ado, here' a list of 99 things to make Summer '16 the best one yet.

  1. Get a £5 haircut at the Toni and Guy Academy. [http://toniandguy.com/education/model-for-us]
  2. Go to a free gig. Google to see if there are any in your area over summer. 
  3. Release your inner child and have fun at the science museum.
  4. Have a picnic in the park with your friends.
  5. Read a new book (some recommendations here).[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/books/young-adult-books/the-best-young-adult-books-of-2016/]
  6. Top up your CV and sign up for The Challenge. [http://the-challenge.org/our-programmes/national-citizen-service-ncs]
  7. Visit a Church/Cathedral.
  8. Nobody is too old to make a den.
  9. Do a random act of kindness for a complete stranger.
  10. Sign a petition for something you care about. [https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions?state=open]
  11. Do the touristy things in your area you’ve never done (or haven’t done since you were 5).
  12. Attend a festival, there are some free ones here: [http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/free-uk-festivals].
  13. Get in the water! Sea, swimming pool, paddling pool, puddle… just do it.
  14. Write a letter to your future self and hide it away (not too well though).
  15. Go to a trampoline centre.
  16. Camp in your garden/friend’s garden.
  17. Make s’mores. https://realfood.tesco.com/rec... 
  18. Challenge yourself to go a day without tech.
  19. Go to your nearest countryside and walk.
  20. Watch the sunrise/sunset.
  21. Offer to take a friend’s dog for a walk.
  22. Go Geocaching.
  23. Volunteer for “Make Lunch”. [https://www.makelunch.org.uk/play-your-part]
  24. Hang out with someone from sixth form/ college you don’t spend much time with.
  25. Volunteer at your local Foodbank. [https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-help/find-a-foodbank/]
  26. Watch one of those classic movies you still haven’t seen.
  27. Get your friends together and make a music video. 
  28. Workout. 
  29. De-stress from the year and exams and meditate for 5 minutes.
  30. Play a board game, they still exist right?
  31. Be sad. Yep, you heard me. If something makes you sad over the holidays, embrace it. Don’t push it down. Allow yourself to be sad. 
  32. Find one of your favourite childhood TV programmes on YouTube and get all nostalgic.
  33. Do a scavenger hunt with your friends around your town.
  34. Visit an elderly person and ask them about their life. Find out what they were like at your age.
  35. Stay hydrated.
  36. Listen to your favourite album the whole way through.
  37. Go-karting.
  38. Visit a market.
  39. Watch Inside Out.
  40. See a free play. [https://www.ents24.com/hub/search/genre/theatre-shows/feature/free]
  41. Make a bracelet.
  42. Build something.
  43. Write a journal, it could be paper or digital, but write down what you’ve done everyday for a week.
  44. Try a new food.
  45. Make a summer playlist.
  46. Try a new hairstyle.
  47. Do a clothes swap with your friends.
  48. Donate something to a charity shop.
  49. Find out if your local youth group is going on any trips and join one.
  50. Read a book from the Bible.
  51. Go for a milkshake.
  52. Make a smoothie.
  53. Make a photo collage.
  54. Write a thank you card for someone who wouldn’t expect it.
  55. Read a newspaper.
  56. Make someone in your house breakfast.
  57. Think of something that needs to be invented to make the world a better place.
  58. Try to invent number 57.
  59. Have a BBQ with your friends.
  60. Make fudge in the microwave. [http://www.mumsnet.com/food/recipe/1948-Microwave-fudge]
  61. Do “Come Dine With Me” with your friends.
  62. Film your own Gogglebox with your friends or family.
  63. Watch your favourite movie with someone who has never seen it.
  64. Make your own bucket list.
  65. Make a time capsule.
  66. If you can get to the sea, write a message in a bottle and let it sail away.
  67. Go to the countryside/ woods and spot wildlife.
  68. Successfully pull off a friendly prank.
  69. Have a water fight.
  70. Make homemade ice lollies.
  71. Give someone a compliment.
  72. Go to a charity shop and get the best outfit you can buy with a tenner.
  73. Attend a gym class.
  74. Give something of yours away to a friend.
  75. Learn a new phrase in another language.
  76. Discover a new music artist.
  77. Find out why your street is called what it’s called.
  78. Raise money for a charity.
  79. Watch a documentary you’ve never seen before.
  80. Start a blog.
  81. Follow someone on social media who has different views to you. It’s good to listen to different opinions.
  82. Host a (very fancy) tea party with your friends.
  83. Cook dinner for your parent(s)/carer(s).
  84. Buy a homeless person coffee/lunch.
  85. Go to a museum/gallery/exhibition.
  86. Play a card game.
  87. Play rounders.
  88. Deep clean your room.
  89. Sort through your emails/notifications.
  90. Play a game of human hungry hippos with your friends or family. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKQ_coXOKgg]
  91. Record each day of your summer in photos or 1 second videos (app: 1 second everyday).
  92. Go meatless or dairy free for a weekend.
  93. Give yourself a TEMPORARY tattoo.
  94. Learn a new skill; skateboarding, braiding, juggling, instrument.
  95. Go to a comedy night or watch a comedy movie.
  96. Set goals for the next academic year.
  97. Create some art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “good”, or what you use to make it, just make something.
  98. Take photos in a Photo Booth with your friends.
  99. Watch the outtakes of your favourite programme or film.

If you have any other ideas, comment them down below, and if you try any of the ideas above be sure to let us know!

  • Chloe

    Some were great, some were shit. What on earth do you mean by INVENT THE NUMBER 57. i believe 57 has already been invented, unless of course you are the creator of the number 57. CONGRATS! you are the highest achiever i have personally never met and i hope we shall meet in real life cause i wanna spawn off your money as you are obviously a millionaire.

    Many thanks,
    Moody teenager xx

    • Hope

      Number 57 on the list, dumbass!!!

    • John d'Avout

      Dumb bimbos.