3 Reasons Why Praying For Schools Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do

Posted on May 04, 2017 by Lahna Pottle
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Prayer changes things. 

7th-21st May is Pray For Schools Fortnight. This fortnight isn't just a nice gesture from the Church to schools across this country. It is a necessary, important, perspective changing act that brings about real change. 

The mystery of prayer still baffles me, I don't understand how it works and how God works, but I firmly believe that when we pray, we see transformation and change. 

Pray For Schools Fortnight causes us to look up; to place our schools in God's hands, remembering he holds them anyway. It causes us to really lift up; to give the important things on our hearts to God, the things we want to see happen, and in doing so reminds us both of God's spirit at work, and our own ability to affect change. It causes us to not give up; to keep going and persevering when things can get tough. It reminds us of who we work with and for, and how much work there still is to be done. As we pray collectively across the nation, we are reminded that we do not work alone, but that we are a part of something greater.

For many of you prayer may be as natural as breathing and part of your daily work. But for some maybe this fortnight could be an opportunity to lift your school in prayer, to ask for transformation and change. To thank God and remember the good already happening in your school.

So let us pray.

A Prayer for all Christians Working in Education

Lord of all things We thank You for the women and men You have called to work in education.

Bless their hearts with Your love, joy and peace. Season their words with Your patience, kindness and goodness. Fill their minds with Your faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.

When they respond to a broken-hearted child Show them how to be big-hearted.

When they reach out to a rebellious teen Remind them to be obedient to You.

When they advise a lonely mature student Help them to be Christ Jesus to them.

When they meet with an angry parent Let them see a child of God.

When they give advice to a discouraged colleague Give them helpful and encouraging words.

When they speak to visitors and strangers Grant them the gift of hospitality.


This prayer by Rupert Kaye was first published in the Summer 2007 edition of ACT Now, the membership magazine of the Association of Christian Teachers (ACT). © 2007 ACT. All rights reserved. 

The Pray For Schools website has resources to help you, your School or your Church to pray over the fortnight: http://www.prayforschools.org/

For a selection of school based prayers visit here: http://www.prayforschools.org/...

  • Mark Lewis

    "A prayer for all Christians working in education" or perhaps " A prayer for all who work in education" .... I know which I would feel compelled to do ...


    • Lilyblank

      This is a great peace of Scripture. I think that praying for our schools is a beautiful thing to do,we can preach our friends and family to love and appreciate our schools