100 caps, exams & potential

Posted on March 25, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
Categories: Secondary,

Scanning the BBC news pages today I reflected on this story about commitment, perseverance, following your dreams, never giving up. For many young people we work with, this is the start of exam season. Revision guides are being drawn up and coloured in, and, well.....that'll do for now!

You will know some students who just throw themselves into their revision (maybe a bit too much), and others who aren't quite as enthusiastic and need persuading to even think about what topics they need to revise. We can have a part to play in encouraging the young people we know to look after themselves and take care of their physical selves, as well as seeing their exams as significant and worth giving their best effort to.

It may be worth using a character like David Beckham in exploring in assembly what it means to give something your best...try and find a really interesting story about David or someone else who they will have heard of who really gave their best. Or it may even have more impact if you share a story of someone who they won't know who really persevered in life even though it was tough, and achieved something great. However let's not just show their pictures and say 'be like them'. That's not what we want.

It's the message of believing they all have a difference to make in the world. Whether that means they will win masternind and go on to win a noble peace prize, work with the elderly or start their own business. Each and every young person's future is so important and we need to inspire them to see the potential they have. Let's play a part in protecting the young people we're in contact with from too much pressure from themselves and others, comparing themselves to their friends and thinking that exams are 'do or die'. Let's encourage them to give of their best, 'because they're worth it'!