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Christmas Clips

December 17, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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An email just came through reminding me of the clips available at the fab Wing Clips site, so thought I'd pass it on. If you're looking for last minute festive films or a short clip to use in a lesson/assembly/group/other you might just find something here.

See Me

December 08, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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In Luton this week we're busy preparing for a public exhibition which launches tomorrow night. I just listened to an audio track which will be available on ipods to listen to as you walk around the exhibition and although I see these young people week by week, I was incredibly moved hearing them talk. The exhibition is about children in the care system, by children in the care system, and aims to raise awareness and let their voices be heard.

Christmas Activities?

December 07, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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The final bell of the term will ring in under two weeks, agh, how did that happen?! Still time for plenty of assemblies, lessons and groups looking at the festive theme and engaging young people we encounter with God's story. If you are looking for ideas, here's a summary of all the Christmas related items and resources already featured on this site, but feel free to add your own too...

Will YOU make a difference? (WYMAD)

November 20, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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A year ago a group met in Slough to discuss 'The Primary Concern'. (See further for more of that). As someone who works with young people the attached did have an impact on me and one of my reflections for others working with young people is that before they become youth – they are children??

One year one WYMAD is launched a new dvd available which is packed full of help - ideas - resources - facts - and much more as we move into 2009 and the various anniversaries this year connects with as far as children are concerned. It is hope it will not be a token one off but something that will be continuous and will have long term positive impact. It is great "especially hearing some very challenging and moving comments from a selection of children and young people now and talking about the future"..

Do have a look at and please do make this known to church leaders, PCC, elders, deacons, those working with children and youth, parents - grandparents and anyone else interested in and concerned for children both outside and inside our churches.

If you'd like to get hold of this dvd and haven't had one - please contact Ruth Thomas or 01908 856168

It was launched yesterday in London. 50,000 copies have been made and going to many church denominations through their networks, it's in Christianity and Youthwork magazine and there's plenty to go round. I hope you will find it helpful "useful- informative" and that as it says on the tin 'will make a difference'

Thanks and have a good day. God bless.

Wayne Dixon

Pray Day

November 15, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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Pray Day is coming up next Tuesday 18th Nov 08. I found out about it on the blog. I have e-mailed my local headteachers in the 8 local schools I work in and they have replied with some prayer requests. We are also looking to put prayer boxes on the reception area of the schools so that staff and students can post their prayers in a box. We have a team from our church who will be praying through the day. We have also produced a leaflet to help guide people in their prayers for the schools. I would encourage all schools workers and teachers to think what they could be doing on this day


November 09, 2008 by Amy Tolmie
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I know we have previously discussed blob diagrams on the blog, however I was with some schools workers the other day who were saying how effective this tool had been in their work with young people recently. It also reminded me of this photo I'd taken a few months ago when wandering through Hanover Square in central london...