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Reinspired event this week

March 09, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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This is late notice, but if you're able to make some time, there's a great conference coming up on Wednesday this week organised by reinspired. It's a one day conference equipping you and your church to build lasting relationships with local schools by helping deliver exciting curriculum-driven RE lessons and assemblies and supporting the spiritual development of pupils.

The Easter Story

March 06, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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We have just had our Easter Schools Week ( a presentation in church for local schools) and have been very encouraged!!! Not just because of what happened here but because of other events happening over these next 4 weeks of term. Altrinchan to Woodley: Gravesend to Glasgow - 30 locations putting on presentations IN CHURCH for local schools (just the ones I'm awre off). It's been the most SIGNIFICANT thing I've been involved with as a schools worker. The biggest thrill has been hearing about these events start, continue and some now been running for a few years. BRILLIANT!!! It's very doable and probably it's biggest stregnth is it's flexibility.

Does anyone know???????

February 26, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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I am doing some lessons in a school on some interesting subjects (genetic engineering and women) and would appreciate help! if anyone has any ideas, resources or lesson plans (maybe ideas they have used before?!) that would be great!

Lent assembly tomorrow

February 23, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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Late last night I got an email from a head of year asking me to do an assembly tomorrow. This is fine, assemblies in this particular school are few and far between so I accepted gladly. In preparation for this, I took a cow's tongue out of the freezer this morning (a normal object every schoolsworker should have in their freezer!) to use in my assembly. However, it only dawned on me this afternoon that it is in fact pancake day tomorrow. And, after all the excitement of the Lent Assembly (!), it hadn't even occurred to me to use this assembly myself, until now.

It's Your Move

February 20, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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"It's Your Move!" is a Scripture Union resource that has been used over the last few years to help those in year 6 and 7 make the transition from primary to secondary school. "It has been such a privilege to become involved in the schools in our area and this is a super way to support a large number of children as they go through a big life change"...

Lisa Simpson talks to Jesus

February 20, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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Read this yesterday on rejesus and thought it was kinda cool. I haven't seen the 'She of Little Faith' episode, but Simpsons can work great in RE lessons. In a school I used to work in, the RE teacher would always play the episode where Bart loses his soul to every Year 7 when covering the module 'who am I', I could probably recite that episode off by heart! If you want to catch a specific Simpsons episdoe there's a great site aptly called 'Watch Simpsons Here'. So here's the script for Lisa's conversation with Jesus. Might work well as a discussion starter.

Brit Awards Assembly

February 19, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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A few years ago while studying music in London I was lucky enough to get free tickets to be in the pit audience at the Brits. This is an opportunity music students in London get once a year when the email comes through that Brits tickets have arrived. The first few students to crawl out of bed, pick up the email and charge into the music department office get awarded with the free tickets. An annual tradition and one that looks probably quite similar to a Spanish bull stampede or the mass of students barging their way out of school for summer holidays! Anyway, I was just thinking back to this as I listened to the results of the Brits on my way home from work tonight. Scott Mills (or the bloke doing the news) was talking about Coldplay's disappointing evening, not receiving any of their 4 nominated awards. However, what's the best way to pick yourself up after losing at the Brits? The answer, obviously, is to run around the corner and assemble the world's greatest supergroup..

RealityBites - Storytelling at its best!

February 15, 2009 by claire ellis
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Cannibals, crocodiles and chocolate factories; just three of the eclectic range of themes found within the RealityBites course. RealityBites uses delightfully eccentric storytelling as a way of exploring worldviews with young people. On hearing this, many an inquisitive mind has been known to ask, 'but what, really, do these things have to do with the Kingdom of God?!' This is a very good question, and one which was asked of me by the RealityBites creators themselves, five years ago, as I embarked upon the West Yorkshire School of Christian Studies (WYSOCS) Gap Year programme, 'Thinking Space.'

Pray for schools

February 11, 2009 by Amy Tolmie
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What is the most significant contribution we can make to our schools? I'd suggest Prayer? Many are already involved not just on occasions like Education Sunday which we've just had or schools prayday in November.
I guess every day our schools and those involved in them are being prayed for by pupils, parents, teachers, church leaders, others and of course schools workers. Pray For Schools is happening in May (5-15 has been suggested) and being put together by a number of organisations. Do have a look at Every thing is there to help, some background behind it and at the heart to develop, co-ordinate more of what is already happening...with maybe more prayer.

Well done to the people involved in putting that together. If none of these dates are suitable, another can be suggested. People will know what is appropriate for their location and churches and interested people.

Have a good day

Wayne Dixon