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Pokemon Go: Why We Need It

July 25, 2016 by Lahna Pottle
Categories: Secondary, 16-19s,

Pokemon Go is sweeping the nation, and nearly every teen is talking about it! Lahna explains why she thinks we need Pokemon Go and how we can use it to engage young people in conversation about social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues. 

Meet Lahna: Our New 16-19s Specialist

June 30, 2016 by Lahna Pottle
Categories: 16-19s, Other,

Hello, I'm Lahna and I have started an exciting new role as the 16-19s specialist with SchoolsworkUK, as part of Youthscape. Without this sounding like an awkward dating profile; I currently live in London, I love coffee and EDM music and I am hugely passionate about seeing young people's lives transformed.

What did I do to deserve this...?!

May 17, 2016 by Fiona Green
Categories: 16-19s,

Frustration, confusion, rage…. despair … the power of these emotions is such that we can be sorely tempted to close them down. And yet, throughout history, it is often these feelings that have moved people to action. When joined to hope, it is anger that can inspire people to change the world. Without hope, that anger can lead to despair. 

How do we create space for young people to engage with these feelings? And how can we offer hope?